Strategies for Reducing Your Lighting Bill

There are many cost-effective ways to save on your electricity bill by making changes to your lighting. Some of the most effective strategies are described below:

  1. Replace incandescent lamps with compact fluorescent lamps or LED lamps. These lamps use only about a tenth of the energy but offer equivalent lighting levels.
  2. Replace or selectively remove some fluorescent lamps. As lighting science improves, it has become apparent that many older buildings are significantly over lighted. In some cases, lamps can be removed or ballasts disconnected and there will still be good light quality.
  3. Replace old, inefficient magnetic ballasts with new, high-efficiency electronic ballasts. This process usually includes retrofitting T-12 fluorescent fixtures with high output T-8 lamps to gain even greater savings. The ballasts for HID lights can also be upgraded in this manner.
  4. Replace incandescent lighted Exit signs with LED lighted signs. Incandescent Exit signs typically consume about 40 Watts compared to 1 Watt for LED signs. As Exit signs operate continuously (e.g., 24 hours-per-day, year round) and most buildings have numerous signs, a significant savings can be achieved.
  5. Install occupancy sensors that detect the presence of people and turn lights off during unoccupied periods. This is especially effective in locations that do not see consistent traffic throughout the day such as storage, conference rooms and warehouses.
  6. Install day lighting controls to reduce lighting costs in areas in which abundant natural light is available such as in locations next to windows or below skylights.
  7. Institute a best practices strategy with employees to ensure that lights are turned off when not needed especially after business hours and on the weekends when facilities are closed.

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