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Power Catch, Inc. has a variety of devices that can help your buildings, parking lot, warehouse, parking garages, or business go green and save money. We focus on the greatest opportunities for energy conservation available today.

Overall, lighting typically accounts for about one-quarter to one-third of the annual commercial electric bill but with advances in lighting technology, significant reductions in electricity consumption can be made with savings from 50-80% while still meeting or even exceeding lighting requirements.

For example

LED Retrofit Kits for offices can reduce you electric consumption by 70%. Parking lot 1,000 watt HID fixtures can be replaced with 200 watt LED. This would result in 80% savings on your lighting electric bill. You return on investment can be as short as 12 months.

  1. Dominion Power Rebate- Dominion Virginia Power just reinstated their rebate program in order to encourage clients to reduce their electricity consumption. Power Catch is pleased to announce that they are once again part of the Dominion Contractor Network. Dominion has Millions of dollars to give away to any commercial client that is converting from inefficient fluorescent and HID (mercury vapor and metal halide) lamps to more efficient high lumen T8 and LED fixtures. Basically, Virginia Power will give you back a rebate check depending on the type and number of fixtures that you are retrofitting or replacing.
  2. Energy Policy Act of 2005 is in effect from 2006-2015 (Tax Deduction) Provides a deduction for energy efficient expedited interior lighting, consoles and sensor, AC building Management System. Tax deduction from $.60 to $1.80 per square foot.
  3. Tax deduction can be used for existing building / commercial building.
  4. Huge tax deductions are available for Parking Garages.

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