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“Virginia Beach is Replacing Lights Along the Boardwalk.” Stacy Parker. The Virginian Pilot. February 11, 2015. View Website

“Virginia Beach Switching to LED Lights for Roadways.” Stacy Parker. The Virginian Pilot. December 17, 2014. View Website

“Cree Adds Bigger, Brighter 100-Watt Replacements to its LED Lineup.” Ry Crist. CNET. March 12, 2014. View Website

“Cree’s $13 LED Light Bulb is the Best Yet, Looks and Feels Incandescent (hands on).” Sean Hollister. The Verge. March 5, 2013. View Website

“25,000 Hours Later, These Cree LEDs are Still Shining.” Consumer Reports. November 8, 2013. View Website

“Cree Shares Rise Following Energy Star Qualification.” Investor’s Business Daily. October 3 2013.View website

“The Math Changes on Bulbs. Modern LEDs, While Expensive, Save Companies on Labor.” The Wall Street Journal. November 30 2011.View website | View PDF

“Technology Specification Project: High-Efficiency Lighting for Parking Structures.” Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. July 2011.View PDF

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