Exclusive to the KVAR? dealers is the “US Patented Sizer Apparatus” that we hook up to your commercial panel or motor. In a matter of minutes we can determine the exact amount of capacitance required to correct the power factor to 99.9% (close to unity) on the spot most of the time. Through reverse engineering, this unit takes into consideration line loses. Even bad bearings on motors and by correcting the power factor we can drop your amperage draw by up to 30%, reducing your electric consumption.

Currently there are ninety-three different combinations for sizing. We strive to bring out product to those who are concerned with more than saving just money in their energy bill. Those who are environmentally aware will be interested in knowing that this unit has provided a contribution to the safety of our environment by helping reduce the energy demand and by it’s environmentally friendly construction and installation on an individual and global scale. Our products have also been tested and are in compliance with the following accredited organizations and institutions: U.S. Department of Energy, EPA, NASA, UL Approved, CSA, Cleaner & Greener Certified & RoHS.

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Powercatch, Inc. is proud to have installed KVAR? Energy Controller devices at several companies in the Tidewater area.

The types of local businesses installed to date are laundry facilities, pump staions, office spaces, refrigeration companies, and hotels.

To view the details on our sample local installations click on the links below.

Click here to view a PDF of local installation samples.

Click here to view a PDF of Hampton Roads Actual Sizing Data.

Third Party Testing:

Hodges Test


Company: Ralph Brennan Water Treatment Contact: Frank Salerno P.O. Box 2451 Daytona Beach, Florida 32115
Date of Installation: July 21, 1997
Number of KVAR? Units Installed: 96
Initial PF (Power Factor Before KVAR?): 78%
Final PF (Power Factor After KVAR?): 99%
Kilowatt Savings (Initial KWH-Final KWH): 179,247.00
Savings Per Month: 179,247 x $.08/KWH = $14,339.76
ROI (Return of Investment): 8.5 Months


Company: OCPS – Cypress Creek High School Contact: Rick Thompson 1101 Bear Crossing Drive Orlando, Florida 32824
Date of Installation: March 19, 1998
Number of KVAR? Units Installed: 11
Initial PF (Power Factor Before KVAR?): 71%
Final PF (Power Factor After KVAR?): 99%
Initial Kilowatt Usage (Before KVAR?): 46,465.00
Kilowatt Usage (After KVAR?): 25,830.00
Savings Per Month: 20,635 x $.05/KWH = $1,031.75
ROI (Return of Investment): 12 Months


Company: Boardwalk Inn Contact: Glenn Lutz 301 S. Atlantic Ave. Daytona Beach, Florida 32118
Date of Installation: June 1, 2001
Number of KVAR? Units Installed: 5
Initial PF (Power Factor Before KVAR?): 85%
Final PF (Power Factor After KVAR?): 99%
Initial Kilowatt Usage (Before KVAR?): 126,526.04
Kilowatt Usage (After KVAR?): 111,204.79
Kilowatt Savings (Initial KWH-Final KWH): 15,321.25
Savings Per Month: 15,321.25 x $.08/KWH = $1,225.70
ROI (Return of Investment): 11.75 Months


Company: Direct Express Contact: Joe Stanfast 135 Bellvue Ext. Daytona, Florida, 32114
Date of Installation: April 15, 2001
Number of KVAR? Units Installed: 9
Initial PF (Power Factor Before KVAR?): 76%
Final PF (Power Factor After KVAR?): 99%
Initial Kilowatt Usage (Before KVAR?): 65,000.00
Kilowatt Usage (After KVAR?): 53,000.00
Kilowatt Savings (Initial KWH-Final KWH): 12,000.00
Savings Per Month: 12,000 x $.05/KWH = $600.00
ROI (Return of Investment): 10.75 Months

*** Please note your unit cost per kilowatt hour varies depending on several factors.





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KVAR? Energy Savings, Inc. provides that, if within (5) years from the installation date for the commercial application if this product fails due to a defect in material or workmanship or damage by lightning, KVAR? will repair or replace the affected unit free of charge.

This does not apply to damage caused by:

  • Accidental mishandling, dropping or other types of physical abuse.
  • Units which have been opened, taken apart or subjected to unauthorized repair.
  • Unit is improperly installed by a non qualified person.
  • Units which have not been installed or used in accordance with instructions.
  • Riots, civil disturbances, war or other related acts of God.

This warranty does not apply to damages claimed in excess of the cost of the installed units, and although this warranty outlines specific legal rights, your actual rights may vary from state to state.

Warranty service is available by calling KVAR? customer support department at the following number to receive an authorization code and shipping instructions at:

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Phone: (863) 655-0630
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