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Power Catch Was Established in 2009 as a SWaM Certified Business.

About Power Catch, Inc.

Power Catch, Inc. has a variety of wonderful devices that can help your business improve  the buildings, parking lots, warehouses, parking garages, etc. go green and save money. We focus on the greatest opportunities for energy conservation available today.

About LED Lighting and Retrofit Kits

Overall, lighting typically accounts for about one-quarter to one-third of the annual commercial electric bill but with advances in lighting technology, significant reductions in electricity consumption can be made with savings from 50-80% while still meeting or even exceeding lighting requirements.

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Made in the USA

Did you know that several items we promote on this site are made in the USA?


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Visit our sister company, ABC Consulting  offering Structural Engineering, consulting, construction management and design experience for all types of construction.

We Thrive by Providing Our Clients with a Minimum of 50%-80% Electrical Savings on Lighting Consumption.

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